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Florianópolis is served by major Brazilian airlines: TAM, GOL, AVIANCA and AZUL. Major international companies also serve Florianopolis with local partners. Its route network has more than 70 landings and 71 domestic takeoffs and 4 international flights daily. The city is only 50 minutes from São Paulo, the main connection point for domestic flights. With three airports, Guarulhos, Congonhas and Viracopos, 28 daily direct flights depart without connections or stopovers, to Florianópolis. There are also 05 direct flights that depart from Rio de Janeiro (Galeão), 03 direct flights from Brasilia and 06 direct flights from Porto Alegre.

Average time of flights to Florianópolis from:
Curitiba: 30min
Porto Alegre: 45min
São Paulo: 50min
Rio de Janeiro: 1h30min
Brasília: 2h15min

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